Our Favourite Traditional Windows and Doors

With a wide range of stylish windows and doors, we are proud to have some great traditional options to add a classic feel to any home. Whilst our traditional products use older styles, the technology used is very much from the 21st century. With this modern technology, comes exceptional security and energy efficiency. In this blog we are going to be telling you all about some of our favourite traditional windows and doors.

Georgian Windows
If you are looking for one of the most classic styles throughout history, Georgian Windows really are the perfect product. This type of window offers an authentic appearance from the period. We offer these windows with either the standard Georgian effect provided by an internal bar, or the alternative of an Astragal bar between the two panes offering an even more authentic appearance.

French Doors
French doors tend to come in the form of hinged double doors which open onto your garden, patio or conservatory. Traditionally they would contain a central frame with multiple see-through panels. This product offers a similar style to the Georgian Window but applied to your door instead. This product is ideal for anyone who enjoys spending time in their back garden, especially during Summer when you can leave the doors open, providing easy accessibility.

Stable Doors
One of the growing traditional trends is the installation of farm-style, stable doors. This product can be in the form of either Composite or UPVC doors. The stable door includes an open top section which lets light and air into your home. The lower half remains closed and locked. This provides a classy traditional look and great practicality.

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